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Did you know Google Analytics provides a demo account? The demo account is pretty cool and can be accessed here:

I think you have to be logged in to a Google account to access it. The analytics is for a Google store that sells hats and other Google merchandise.

Some basic things to do when playing around with a Google Analytics account is to change the date range of the Audience Overview. You can change the date range in the top right corner. There’s also an option to compare to a different date range when you check the “Compare to” box.

Another useful thing to do on GA is to add a new segment. You can add new segments and compare the data of different segments.

Random things to do on Google Analytics:

  1. Check the percentage of traffic coming from mobile, desktop or tablet device. Audience -> Mobile -> Overview
  2. Find the Average Order Value. Use segments to compare the Average Order Value of YouTube referrals versus non YoutTube referrals. To add a segment click on the plus sign, then click on the “New segment” button and go to Advanced->Conditions-> You can enter “Ad contains” “” as the source. Conversions -> Ecommerce -> Overview
  3. Find out the best hour of the day that AdWords is bringing in revenue. Acquisition->AdWords->Hour of the Day. Then sort the list by revenue. You can also find out the best day of the week (there is a little option next to Primary Dimension that says “Day of Week” above the table.)
  4. Find out how long it takes for conversions to happen. Conversions->Multichannel->Time Lag
  5. Find out which product sells the most. Conversions->Ecommerce->Shopping Analysis->Product Performance
  6. Find out how fast the load page time is. Behavior -> Site Speed-> Page Timings

As you can see there is a lot you can do with Google Analytics. View the demo account and nerd out on data!