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I just discovered that Cal Arts offers courses on coursera! I started taking the Typography course and I’m liking it so far. I really like the case studies of different typefaces. I haven’t done any of the exercises yet, but I do like watching the videos and I’m always trying to improve my knowledge of typography.

Another free online graphic design resource I enjoy is Chris Do’s YouTube videos. I’m not sure what they’re called. I think the name has changed a few times, but the videos are super helpful. I especially liked watching him give art direction and I liked the video where he critiques people’s portfolios. Now when I’m doing layout design stuff I have Chris Do’s voice in my head.

Typewolf also offers a typography course/guide but it is not free. I don’t know anything about the course, but I signed up for the newsletter and it’s great! The first email already taught me a keyboard shortcut on macs for a single quote. option shift ] = ’ Yay!