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One of the benefits of an Adobe Creative Cloud membership is access to Typekit. Typekit has a bunch of very nice fonts and it is easy to integrate with a website. My current favorite from Typekit is Adelle Sans. Adelle Sans is super cute. Honorable mention Typekit fonts include Ratio, Liberation, Proxima Nova, FF Basic Gothic and Franklin Gothic. Proxima Nova is a really popular font that is used in a lot of default Squarespace templates.

If you are going to use Typekit with your website, there’s one thing to change on the embed code to make sure you don’t get a loading font issue. For a while, I was seeing the default fonts load before the actual Typekit font appeared. It was super annoying but there is a way to fix this. On the embed code change the async: true to async: false. Voila! Problem fixed.

A good font can really make or break a website. I tend to pair a serif and sans font together. For example, I will use Adelle Sans for headlines and Adelle Serif for body text, or PT Sans for headlines and PT Serif for body text. Typewolf is a really excellent website to get ideas for font pairings. Finally, here is a list of fonts to use courtesy of designer Chris Do.