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Everyone with a business should take the Google Analytics academy. First of all it’s FREE! The video tutorials are informative and there are little quizzes after each section. To get the certification, I think there is a more formal exam you take online. I have watched some videos and it has got me thinking about setting up website goals. Also, learning about Google Analytics can help you decide how you want to build your content on your website.

Here is a link to Google Analytics academy. Now, I just need to figure out how to use Google Keyword Planner. Google has changed everything and now it’s called Google AdWords.

I’m all about free certifications. HubSpot also offers an inbound marketing certification that is very useful for any business owner—and particularly small business owners. The videos go through social media, email campaigns and basically everything you need to do to market an online business. HubSpot also offers a lot of great ebooks that go more in depth from every topic imaginable including developing user personas, building websites, and more.