Pooja Makhijani Illustrations

typewriter painting

Watercolor Frame

Watercolor Frame

Watercolor Frame

Media watercolor

Contact watercolor


The client is a traveler and writer and wanted painted illustrations for her website. She wanted a homepage image, frames, and images for the Clips and Contact page.


For the homepage painting, I created an image of a vintage typewriter, glasses (since the client has glasses) and some air mail envelopes. I wanted the painting to be gentle and calm. For the watercolor frames, I took inspiration from the subject matter of the client’s books. I used a sari pattern I found in her children’s book to be the frame around her children’s book. For the Clips page, I had fun creating an illustration of the different types of media the client has been published in and for the Contact page, I painted a picture of a sunbird delivering a message because the client likes sunbirds.

Photographs not taken by me. Website not designed by me.

Project Details

Client Pooja Makhijani
Date 2015
Skills Painting, Illustration
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